Friends of mine who inspire, push, challenge, and influence me.

Branden Harvey
Forever showing the good in the world
Grant Heinlein
Amazing designer; so popular
Illuminating those who are passionate

Judson Collier
Internet legend; might not truly exist
Where art & technology collide
Michael Tucker
Best newsletter you’ll subscribe to

Joshua Kissi
Calling the world to a higher standard
Emily Bibb
Digital slayer
Steven Turville
Thoughtful & considered
Luke Atencio
Music for film
Filmore Bouldes
Kingdom and community builder
Tyler Hill
Preacher, Poet, & Coffee Genius

Laura Schmalstieg
Showcasing the world’s beauty 
Kenneth Gracia
Always preaching the good news
Sean Shepherd
Close friend, brilliant thinker

Kyle Steed
If you don’t know his art, you should
Kayla Kern
Insanely talented designer + art director
Arley Cornell
Top motion graphics animator
A breath of fresh air when you need it most
Matt Eich
Will be remembered for his photographs
Aaron Mchugh
Work. Life. Play.
Patrick Chin
Top choice photographer & cocktail enthusiast
Dan & Amy Perkins
Living for the Lamb’s Reward
Jarrod Renaud
Capturing through the instant, rooted in the eternal.

Writer, Photographer, Strategist

Portland, OR
By way of London, California, & Colorado