Jazz, Baby, Jazz

“It don’t mean a thing if it ain’t got that swing.” - Ella Fitzgerald

The other day as work was ending I packed up my belongings, put my headphones on and opened up my messages to a playlist that my wife sent me. I got on the elevator; the doors closed, and I tapped play on my iPhone as we descended to the lobby. As the doors opened and I walked toward the street, I began to hear the 'tsss-ta-ta, tsss-ta-ta, tsss-ta-ta, tsss' of double-time swing pumping through my wireless headphones. As soon as I was outside, I felt the brisk autumn air dance up against my face and twirl through my hair like a 1940's couple doing the foxtrot. I was mesmerized by the moment. I felt joy, and I felt alive. Crammed on the sidewalk between the buildings and Regent Street, I looked up, and although I couldn't see stars, I became fixated on the twinkling of the newly installed Christmas lights.

I've listened to that playlist every day since then to either help me focus or to help give the day a jumpstart while waiting on the tube. So in honor of good vibes, the autumn season, and Ryan Gosling and his performance in La La Land, let the sounds of this Instrumental Jazz playlist help you float away into piles of leaves and glasses of eggnog everywhere.

November 2017

Writer, Photographer, Strategist

Portland, OR
By way of London, California, & Colorado