New York City

11 November, 2019

I’ve long told myself that I could never live in New York City, and while that’s mostly still true, there is a fondness in my heart now for it. In part, having lived in London helped me get used to the pace of a large city, but also, there is a type of life that can’t be experienced anywhere but a place like New York. I wouldn’t dare think of moving there any time soon, but visiting, now that’s something I could do more often.

We recently had the opportunity to visit and it was exciting not only because it was one of the first real vacations we’ve been able to take in quite some time, but also (and I’d argue the most exciting part) because it was Brookelynn’s first time going there. It had always been somewhat of a dream of hers to visit, and so given the opportunity and a good amount of savings, we went and made the most of it.

With no rules other than having fun and spending as much time together as possible, we packed it in. Our vacations tend to be more go go go than relaxing, but we found our speed after maybe going too hard too fast. From the Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island to Central Park and touring NBC Studios, we did all of the touristy stuff. I loved every second of it.

We ate our way through that city, and part of what made it so great is we were able to share so many of those meals with great friends and loved ones, along with a handful of new faces. Funny enough, we even shared meals with friends from Portland who happened to be visiting at the exact same time. The world is small. 

The city came alive in new ways for me this time, and getting to see it come alive in Brookelynn’s eyes for the first time is not something I’ll soon forget.


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