New Music — Seeker & Servant: Exiles

“I try to justify my liberty
Am I becoming what you’re against
In my defense of this liberty
Have mercy, I'm a mess ”

Lyrics from ‘Draw the Line.’

Friends and family will sometimes ask me what I've been listening to lately and although I enjoy listening to most everything (i.e., the jazz playlist I shared about here) most of the time I find myself spending time with faith-based or instrumental music. This could be 'worship,' or just songs about things that push me toward a deeper understanding of my faith. So, I figured I'd begin to share some of those albums and artists more often again. Let's shoot for twice a month, but who knows, this is all new.

This past week the band Seeker & Servant released Exiles, their new album comprised of songs from previous EPs, hymns, and more originals. I haven't listened to them in a long time and can't say it's even been more intentional than hearting a track on Spotify that shows up on a random radio mix. This new album though, It's not so much that the band rises above and does anything novel or that the production is next-level, but the lyrics just strike me. I've probably listened to the track 'Draw the Line' over a dozen times in the past 24 hours because of how relatable it is to situations I find myself in every day and how those same situations impact what I believe. The album pokes at the fabric of modern Christianity and forces me to consider the faith I say I have and ways I choose to live. There may be some who could have an issue with that, but I've found it to be more of an iron sharpens iron type of experience the past few days than a voice of legalism. This album brings with it conviction, not condemnation.

Music is meant to be expressive, yet at other times challenging. We remember words to songs more than we do the books we read, and these lyrics inject the truth of scripture mixed with unfiltered human emotion in a way that I won't forget anytime soon. For those who are interested in an album that sounds a bit like Phil Whickham's buttery voice meeting up with an alternative folk-rock band in an empty church, with stringed instruments in the background, then this is worth the listen.

Be sure to check out their site and give Exiles a listen.

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