We are intentional with how we decide to protect & shield ourselves; others are the same. Each of us carefully constructs mental barriers in nearly every area of our lives. We may not realize we do this, but we do.

I didn't set out thinking about these dividers but became aware of them quickly on the Camino. One of the best things about the pilgrimage is that every pilgrim must at some point come into contact with another. And, when that contact finally happens, they come to understand the fences between them. Sometimes there is no fence or maybe just one with a wide-open gate. Other times, the wall is high enough only to peek over, other-times it's entirely too high to scale.

Throughout the 500-mile trek, I continually found new neighbors knocking at the gate, and with each one, needing to understand how I felt about what to share and what to keep hidden away behind the door of the house.

What are the barriers we set up between ourselves and other?

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